• An advanced cost analysis package for agricultural projects!

    An application for those who need to organise cost details in a proper manner consistent with financial accounting rules, with meaningful combination of recurring costs with (fixed) capital expenditure in representative annual equivalent cost figures. The use of Discounted Cash Flow methods improve the validity of accounting data towards more meaningful evaluation indices.

  • A complete workstation for either business or education purposes!

    Based on a Windows user friendly environment it has been designed for those who demand a package that can be used with no difficulty after one hour instruction or training.

  • Get started now with a free month trial period. Send us your comments.

    ABC is the ideal scientific tool for agri-business or education. All ABC registered users may download it, install and use its full version for a testing month. Current users will receive all automatic updates and upgrades as soon as they are released

 What Is ABC 
ABC image ABC is a high quality, user friendly software package for the analysis of costs of investment projects in agriculture.
Why should you use it?
  • If you are involved in argibusiness studies, ABC is an ideal tool that will assist you to develop cost analysis projects based on the Activity Based Costing method.
  • If you are a researcher on the field of agribusiness, ABC is the perfect solution to your multiple crop project environment.
  • If you are a professional involved in agribusiness cost analysis, then ABC is the right tool to help you estimate cost variations for your client's needs.
  • If you are a farmer, there is no better basis for your next business plan

ABC features ABC software combines some of the most impressive features of every cost analysis software package:
  • Multiple Crop environment
  • Support of unlimited cultivating Operations
  • Specialised Operation scheduler
  • Reporting module with data export features
  • ..and many more impressive features

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ABC Online Tutorials
ABC online video tutorials have been prepared in order to guide new users through the basic functions of the ABC package, giving them the chance to start using ABC immediately and learn by doing.

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Download ABC
In order to support agricultural research, ABC software is provided for free to all students and researchers for a limited time period under the condition that they shall submit to the ABC online database at least one complete case study as a proof of their work.

If you are a student or a researcher and you wish to obtain it please submit the registration form and the installation package will be sent to your mail.

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ABC Online Documentation
ABC software user documentation is available to all ABC users in two laguages English and Greek inluding a comprehensive guide to the application main features, training videos and tutorials and many useful links to basic financial terms and how they should be used. The online documentation is being enhansed regularly with new features, examples, tutorials etc.

Additionally we provide a specialized F.A.Q. section containing most of the most commonly asked questions and solutions to re-iterating user problems.

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