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What Is ABC software
ABC is a packaged software tool, which gives the opportunity to analyse and identify the true annual equivalent cost and profitability of practically any process, be it an agricultural crop, plant or tree, agroforestry, etc.
It offers the advantage of uniform, theoretically sound cost analysis on which one may build agricultural business plans and make decision choices. It may also be used for making more strategic or planning considerations, since it may compare agricultural profitability among conventional and newer cultivations in any region.
ABC builds its own or inherits data information, which is being available for further uses of the model, it is very consistent it its operations, becoming very user friendly very soon, it collaborates smoothly with Excel, where one may transfer information for further processing. Its speed is comparable to advance software spreadsheets (such as Ms Excel) however it is not a spreadsheet. It reads and saves information in .abc files and offers a good number of automatic screen and printable financial reports.

Furthermore, ABC case studies for one or more Crops from different regions and countries can be gathered together under one holding software, which secures perfect compatibility in economic terms, allowing therefore direct comparisons and the derivation of more global strategies and policies. The data collected from all case studies are automatically built-in in the form of costs of production and financial benefits and they remain available for future use. It has been designed to serve two main user categories: 
  • those who need to organise cost details in a proper manner consistent with financial accounting rules, with meaningful combination of the costs of (fixed) permanent assets with the cost of consumables and human labour and
  • those who demand a package that can be used with no difficulty after one hour instruction or training. ABC stands for Activity Based Costing, since this is the adopted methodology.

The package is aiming to provide special scientific support to any agricultural project needs (such as Cost Analysis of a variety of crops and plants of any type and nature). ABC major features include:
  • Multiple Crop environment

    Unlimited number of Crops can be included in the same project, enabling the user to use a common database from which it derives all individual cost items (eg, machinery and tools, types and costs of labor, materials, types and cost of land). In this way can provide a comparative costing for many Crops.

  • Multiple cultivating operations(unlimited crop’s operations) support.

    Unlimited farming Operations can be linked (added) to each Crop. Each one of them may have its own Needs and a time schedule (when it will happened throughout the life of the plant) that it will identifies this operation during Crop's or Project's life.

  • Multiple Operation Needs(machinery, labour, raw materials, etc).

    Many constituents (unlimited theoretically) may be included to each cutlivating Operation. These constituents have been named Operation Needs By the term Operation Needs is meant all materials (eg raw materials, pesticides, etc.), labor, energy and fuel, rental operations, machinery and tools etc. that are required by the Operation.

  • Specialised Operation scheduler module.

    Each Cultivating operation may have a separate schedule (annually) which uniquely identifies whan each (ie what each year) is repeated during the lifetime of the plant.

  • Unique Database for each project.

    Abc engine uses a unique database to store each project's data providing with this way a complete documentation regarding how cost analysis results came up. In addition to that a single file containing project's database and cost analysis results is beeing created with a extension ".abc". This file may be edited or shared to other abc users.

  • Reporting module with data export features.

    A specialised Report Module has been included to Abc software not only providing the standard reporting functionallity but also allowing user to export (through standard copy-paste windows functionallity) charts that are part of user interface.

The Structure
The ABC is a computational tool that is primarily aimed at simplifying and speeding up the cost analysis procedure of one or more plants. Having integrated all the necessary control and calculation routines aproaches with almost absolute way both the total production costs and individual costs (by Cultivating Operation or by factor).
Considering the complexity of individual needs (both field operations and their components (Cultivating Operation's Needs), as compared to the production of various types of land, labor, etc.) has been designed to be flexible tool providing users the option to define:
  • Cultivating Operations
  • Cultivating Operation's Needs
  • Cultivating Operation Schedule
To the following diagram presented Operation's structure according ABC software analysis. The Operation schedule and various Operation's Needs included to this sample operation. Explanatory examples (ex:) has been included as well whenever it was necessary. Operation diagram
Main Features
Both farming operations and their components (Operation's Needs) may be specified by the user dynamically. The User can define those Operations for each Crop ( such as tillage, irrigation, etc.) and many variations for each one of them(eg initial watering, watering annual etc). Also for each crop response, the user can choose how often it happens during crop's life.

The application can handle every type of Crop (annual and perannual). It addresses the entire cost analysis proccess as a means of computing a superset which includes individual modules:
  • Crops definition module
  • Lands definition module
  • Subsidies definition Module
  • Overheads definition Module
  • Cultivation operations Module
  • Components Module
  • Machines & tools Module
  • Raw materials Module
  • Labour definition & types Module
  • Energy definition Module
  • Rented operations Module
Cost analysis module is entirely based on the Activity Base Costing theory and all costs that occur are annual equivalent costs.
Current version is .
To this version have been inculded the new following NEW features: