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The ABC Developers
The complete flow analysis and software programmic implented by Mr. Dimitris Asimakis. Dimitris Asimakis is a software engineer - web developer and has been involved with agribusiness cost analysis models from more than 10 years.
He is working as a freelancer at the Agricultural University for the last 9 years and he has been participate to several EU research projects. He has also been working for Microquest SA as software engineer for the last 3+ years and has many professional co-operations in the field of software developement and web-design.

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ABC theoretical approach and the overall scientific supervision made from Mr. Peter Soldatos Professor. Peter Soldatos is the Professor of Mathematics of Finance of the Agricultural University of Athens, where he teaches Mathematics, Investment Appraisal, Strategic Planning and Financial Analysis at undergraduate and postgraduate level. He is the Director of the Laboratory of Agribusiness Management and of the Post Graduate Programme leading to the MBA in Agribusiness Management. He is also the President of the Scientific Council of the National Agricultural Research Foundation.

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Scientific support - Beta tesing